First Czech Polo


Welcome to First Czech Polo Association (FCPA)


We are a sports association that brings together individuals, polo clubs and stables to:

-     promote polo ponies as a social sport available to the general public and create

      conditions for this purpose and possibilities

-     to offer all age groups and social leisure activities - horse polo, equitation - dressage,

      show jumping, horse racing, western and versatility, as well as horses and other

-     search for talent (especially young talents) to represent the First Czech Pola

      Association in amateur and professional sporting events

-     hippotherapy - incorporate into our activities and persons with disabilities

-     care for the elderly, sick, injured and unwanted horses and nature and landscape



FCPA History

First Czech Polo Association (FCPA) was founded in 2015. The beginnings of the FCPA but fall in 2013, which at the birth of the idea FCPA was the only one actively and professionally player playing polo in England since 2005. All of these circumstances have taken heart Jozef Šurkovský, founder of the FCPA, who became an admirer of this noble game.

Partners of FCPA - Stables and Clubs

FCPA consists of capable, committed and ambitious people who are at the heart of the FCPA. Their tenacity and the ability to realize the full FCPA makes exceptional in every way, which brings prestige to both parties. Immensely we appreciate these people and we would like to have their work and achievements recognized. Check out who these exceptional people.


Membership of the FCPA

Members of the FCPA may have different types of memberships, which they also bring unique opportunities implementation in other areas of our lives outside polo. Membership in the FCPA gives its members the opportunity to highlight the social and make new friends and contacts.



The experts are using the physiotherapy treatment method that uses the natural movement of the horse in step as a stimulus and rehabilitative element. We would like to welcome in "Therapy" and other of its members and enable them to participate in activities and events in FCPA


Rules of the Game

At first glance, it may seem ordinary viewer rules of polo complex, but in fact they are the game rules modified to ensure maximum protection of both the players and also to prevent injuries horses.
And perhaps because of horse polo he is still considered a gentleman's game and remains a huge social event.


First Czech Polo - náš tým

Tým FCPA tvoří lidé, kteří jsou Vám k dispozici a podílejí se na aktivním životě asociace, klubů a stájí

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First Czech Polo - koně

Všechna ušlechtilost pochází z koně a krásně to vystihuje jedno arabské přísloví
"Na koňském hřbetě je ráj srdce"

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Dokumenty ke stažení

Veškeré dokumenty, darovací smlouva, formuláře přihlášek do kurzů, zásady bezpečnosti a výroční zprávy najdete

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